Bonjour dear Visitor!

Welcome to my website where you can find out about the amazing projects that I had the chance to work on.

After a 'first life' studying Biology (or how to play God with plants) in South of France where I was born in 1977, 4 years spent studying Landscape Architecture in the magnificent setting of the Versailles Park and 9 years gaining a rich and diverse experience working in Berlin (yes, I speak German) and London (and English too!), I have decided to embrace the world and try to make it a bit better with conviction.

In Saint-Exupéry's novel, le Petit Prince says: "S'il-te-plaît dessine-moi un mouton" (Please draw me a sheep). So I did draw a sheep. In black. My Blacksheep is a little different, it likes observing Nature to find the unexpected.

Now, be ready to be surprised!